Annual Performance Reviews? Where do you go?

Some large companies in the United States have stopped their annual performance reviews. Surprised?


Well, actually not a big surprise. Nowadays, with social media and smart phones dominating our communication, each of my statements and each of my actions will be commented within a few minutes. Be it by means of a "like it", an emoticon :-) , or a quick WhatsApp feedback. Why should I then wait up to 12 months to receive feedback on my job performance?


Even though we all know that even with annual reviews in place regular feedback is necessary and should be common, a movement away from the annual "ritual" is quite understandable. In the companies that go the new way, annual appraisals are substituted by regular feedback based on permanent performance measurement with the help of HR-IT technology, regular evaluation of key figures or customer feedback. Sure, some jobs are easier to review like that than others, but the trend is set. We should observe that further ...


Here´s is an article about the topic by the Washington Post with the charming headline "Why big business is falling out of love with annual performance reviews"


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